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Pulsed intense cold light includes full-band disinfection ultraviolet light 200-315nm. The energy of 250-315nm is more than 3000 times that of ordinary ultraviolet light and emits intense pulsed light twice per second. Pulsed light technology has been proved to be effective in the most demanding medical environment and is very suitable for disinfection of reception, transportation and other environments. To inactivate bacteria, viruses, spores and bacteria, viruses and spores affected by the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic and those affected by pulsed light. At present, no pathogen is immune to pulsed light!

PulseStrike360 pulsed
light technology

Pulsed strong cold light includes full-band disinfection ultraviolet light 200-315nm,

250-315nm energy is more than 3000 times of ordinary,

Strong pulse light is emitted twice per second,

The pulsed light technology is proven to be effective in the most demanding health care environments

and is ideally suitable for disinfecting hospitality, transportation

and other environments to deactivate bacteria, viruses, spores

and those impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

No pathogen is immune to pulsed light currently

There is a professional report showing a 99.99%reduction in pathogen load in 2 minutes

at 1 meter for hard surfaces and 5 minutes for N95 respirator masks.

Efficient and fast

The disinfection time takes 5 minutes once, and multiple wards can be disinfected every day

Disinfection Cycle Takes Place Every 5 Seconds

Kill Ebola in 2 minutes, C.diff in 5 minutes, MRSA in 5 minutes, CRE in 5 minutes

Test distance is 2 meters, function for 5 minutes

Test Results from detection center of microbiology.

Pulse Broad Spectrum Cold Light
Has No Damage To The Disinfected Objects

The environment-friendly inert gas lamp is used to replace the toxic mercury UV lamp,

and an intelligent cloud platform with no chemical substances,

no pollution, no chemical residues,

low cost and no chemical consumables is used to monitor the machine status in real time,

upload data, record data, track data, and upgrade remote control remotely.


A space with a disinfection radius of up to 3 meters, such as surfaces that people often touch,

especially hard-to-reach corners and crevices.

More comprehensive and efficient sterilization avoids the negligence of manual disinfection.

The stepped disinfection robot can navigate and avoid obstacles automatically.

After working, they can automatically recharge.

They are assembled with intelligent cloud sensor control system.

Environmental Protection

No damage and disinfection, no chemical residues,

no harmful residues; built-in intelligent cooling system, longer lamp life.

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